Why have Minimum Entry Requirements

In order to join The Dance Register you must meet all of The Dance Register Minimum Entry Requirements. Put simply, the Entry Requirements are the minimum you should have in place to operate in a professional manner as a dance teacher. Working alongside our Code of Professional Conduct, they provide quality assurance and:

  • demonstrate to employers and participants that you are committed to best practice and have the framework in place to work in a professional manner
  • help raise your reputation as a responsible and effective dance professional
  • help dance employers and the general public identify what they should ask for from a dance teacher
  • are designed to give members of the public and employers confidence that they are working with a dance professional who is committed to getting it right

The Minimum Entry Requirements are central to The Dance Register’s mission to drive up standards in dance teaching and leading.

If you want to join The Dance Register but do not currently meet some of the Minimum Entry Requirements please talk to DTAP or your Gateway Organisation.