How do I login to my online profile?

Click on "Member Login" on The Dance Register homepage. Then enter your email address and password to gain access to your online profile.

I have forgotten my password and cannot login to my profile. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password use the "Forgotten Your Password?" function in the Member Login area.  Once you have entered your email address and clicked "Resend Password" you will receive an email with a new automatically generated password.

How many business addresses can I include in my profile?

You can include as many business addresses in your profile as apply to you, by using the "Add Another Business Address" function. If you work in more than one location, it is important that you include details in your profile so that you are found in postcode searches for everywhere you teach.

Remember that your business details will only be displayed on your public profile if you specifically "opt in" to them being displayed - otherwise searchers will contact you using the online enquiry form.

What do the acronmys mean in the list of Awarding Organisations included in the "Teaching Qualifications" section?

Click here for the list of Awarding Organisations with full names included

Where should I include Higher Education qualifications (eg. dance degree)?

You should include details of all other qualifications in the "Recent Training/CPD/Other Qualifications" section of your profile. You might also like to highlight any key achievements in your "Professional Experience" section.

How do I link from my profile to other social media sites?

In the "Professional Memberships" section of your online profile, there is an area for including links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.  The easiest way to link to your page on one of the sites is to copy and paste the URL for your page on the social media site, into the data field included in your Dance Register profile.  Make sure you include the FULL link to your profile on Facebook/Twitter etc though, as follows:

If you do not include the full URL, an error message will appear when a searcher tries to click on the link.

How many images can I upload to my profile?

You can upload a maximum of 6 images to your online profile

How long does my membership last? 

Membership runs for 1 year from your date of acceptance onto The Dance Register

How do I renew my membership? 

You will automatically receive an email from us 1 month before your membership of The Dance Register falls due for renewal. You must then either contact your Gateway Organisation or CDET if you entered via Direct Entry, to complete your membership renewal.


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